Marta Dąbrowska


Marta Dąbrowska.
Członek Związku Polskich Artystów Fotografików.
Mieszka i pracuje w Raciborzu.
Studiowała na kierunku Wzornictwo, Specjalizacja- Projektowanie Ubioru na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych im Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi.
Fotografią zajmuje się od 2010 roku.
W 2011 roku ukończyła z wyróżnieniem szkołę fotografii Fotoedukacja w Katowicach-Piotrowicach. Promotorem był znany reportażysta Grzegorz Klatka.

My name is Marta Dąbrowska. I am a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers.
I live and work in Racibórz.(Poland)
I graduated from Art College in Łódź with Master of fine Arts in 2005.
My adventure with photography started by chance in 2010 in internet photo
galleries and it lasts till now.
This year I graduated with honours from Photo School in Katowice-Piotrowice.
Since I took photos advisedly I have wondered if I am a photographer or
not. More often I think I am not.I am rather an artist who uses photos and
a camera to make pictures-photomontages.
My creative process starts in my head and always the first is the thought.
Without questions “what, how and what for” cannot be created
anything conscious. If I know what I want to say, I use the appropriate
language, I know its possibilities and limits.
Photography is essential in the process of making my works but it is only
the beginning not the end.
Because it is always within reach, at bottom it is a difficult (medium)? .
Everyone takes photos and the camera is present at every house.
So it must be payed attention not to do with photogaphy the production
My works always deal with the man, his relation with his outside and inner